Sunday, May 10, 2015

Picture That

Before Prom, Everyone Takes the Usual "Prom Pic"

So make sure you get these photos! You will want to remember the night.

There are multiple photos you will want to take as the night begins. First, take the famous, corsage and Boutonniere picture.

This is when the girl pins the boys boutonniere on his lapel. However, there are also times when the mother pins it on too.  Always a cute photo.

It is also nice to get a photo of the guy giving his girl her corsage.

Up next, there are the famous date photos. Close ups, hand on hip, hand not on hip, in front of each other, side by side, clutch/ no clutch. You name it. Make sure to take plenty of these with your date. Gotta make sure it's Instagram worthy of course.

Group Photos! Everyone loves Group photos so make sure to take a variety with all your friends. Whether it's family, all girls, all boys, dates, friends, make sure to take multiple from different angles and different combinations so that everyone is happy. 

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