Thursday, May 14, 2015

How Low Can You Go?

When Dress shopping for Prom, many things are influencing and judging what you wear. But I say go against it.

Schools these days are becoming more and more strict on dress codes for the dresses girls can wear to their high school proms. They say that girls can't wear strapless, open back, low cut, cleavage showing, midriff, or too short dresses. But many times, the girls had no clue!

Some schools require the girls to send in pictures now so they can approve their dresses in advance. But here is where the big debate hits.

Who has the right to say what a girl can and cannot wear? Prom is expensive enough with the dress and the alterations. So much time and money goes into shopping and fittings, and hoping that that dress online -looks just as good in person. And now there is this?

Girls should have the right to wear whatever they desire. I know there are certain guidelines that should be in place yes; make sure your butt isn't hanging out and that I can't see your whole chest, yes I agree. Of course a school wants to be represented by classy young woman. But really? An open back?

It takes girls a lot to have the guts and courage to wear some of the dresses that are on the market today. Society today is always having the "Who wore it best?" idea in their head and these young girls are hoping they look good on their night to remember. Why would you limit them to their dress?

In my humble opinion, I find many of these rules to be ridiculous.

Who is going to go nuts if I can see a girl's back? It is just a back and a spine and some should blades. No big whoop.

Who cares if there are cut outs on their sides that show a little skin?

Who cares if they have a strapless dress that shows their nice collar bones?

I am pretty sure many of us don't.

These schools are too worried about they way they think we will look at each other in perverted ways. In reality, we don't do that as teenagers. We look at that girl and think she is beautiful. We love how the open back looks and thinks that other girl looks very classy with the strapless gown.

Girls, although you may not be able to go against your school guidelines, I challenge you to. Don't let them tell you what you can and cannot wear. Do what it takes to be able to wear your dress loud and proud.


  1. I've read so many of these articles and stories. I think it's ridiculous that this is still a problem today.. Thanks for this friend

  2. I was hoping to find a blog post about this. The first time I read an article about the restrictions to prom dresses, I was mortified! I completely agree with you 100%. The fact that administration has the decency to tell girls what to and what not to wear is awful. Every girl has the idea of the perfect dress for their special night months before the prom, and they're not thinking about how low the cut is or if it fits the idea of administration. Thanks Savannah for this blog post! Good job!!