Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MPHS Prom Review

After much preparation and chaos, I made it to Miami Palmetto Senior High School's Prom of 2015...and I survived!

The day started off with coffee. And lots of it. I had stayed up the night before until 4 am driving around my friend because her prom dress never came in. This was absolute mayhem. thank goodness a friend of ours pulled through to let her borrow a dress. Then, I began getting my bag ready for the following day. One thing led to another and boom... it was 4 am.

Once I woke up and finished doing my laundry and getting my beach bag together, I went to my hair and makeup appointment. this was running late and they wrote my appointment down incorrectly causing us not to have a bug enough time block. Eeek! Thankfully my hair dresser, Olena, pulled through and gave my the waterfall braids and curls I was hoping for. Next, Sara did my makeup. This was the first time ever getting my makeup done. But it was so much fun! I had never worn fake eyelashes before and they felt like caterpillars on my eyelid but they were fun.

after this, it was straight to my house where my friend and I got ready together. Shoes, jewelry, lip gloss, clutch, mints. check! check! check! Before we knew it, the boys arrived in the limo with their parents.

from there, it was pictures, champagne, laughs, and nervous smiles. But everyone was enjoying themselves. the boys were looking dapper and the girls were looking classy.

Once we were done mingling, we got into the limo and were off. Our limo driver was crazy taking insane turns and awful driving but it was fun. I only spilled my drink on myself once. and the radio was old and crappy but oh well.

Then, we arrived at prom. The administration greeted us making sure that we had our tickets and IDs. As  we walked out of the elevator, ticket booths, nice decor, and jungle Island's lemurs and alligators greeted us too. I wanted to take a picture with the lemur but my boyfriend said no.. Oh well.

as we walked in, the music was soft so that people could mingle and everyone was walking around. We greeted our friends with everyone looking beautiful and handsome as ever. Next, the boys grabbed some food but said it was not good at all, so no one ate in the venue.

Music, dancing, cupid shuffles and jumping is what the dance floor consisted of. All the girl's feet hurt but it was worth it.

Overall, Prom was nothing spectacular but just a good time with friends.

At 11 o'clock, we all left to the hotel. On the way to dropping our friend off, our limo driver was trying to turn into her hotel. In this process, our driver hit a wall and dented the side of the limo along with scratching it. That is definitely one for the books.

The night went on, we went to our hotels and everyone fell asleep before we even thought about an after party. It was a night well spent that had us well spent.

We waited for our ride to pick us up at the beach the next day and laid out in the sun.

Many laughs lots of dancing, and lots of sleep to catch up on after that weekend. But the hurt feet and dark circles under our eyes were worth it.

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