Friday, April 24, 2015

Ka - Ching!

As we all know, Prom can be a very expensive day,

So, make sure to plan everything out so that you know how much your exactly spending on the big day.

Before anything else happens, there are the tickets. and usually when there is one, theres another. THis costs around 150$ together.

For starters, theres the dress/ tux. This can range between 150$ to 500$ or above and beyond if you're really risky.

Then, there are all the accessories. Socks, shoes, heels, jewelry, corsage, boutonniere, tie, etc. All of this can be another 100$ to 200$…or more.

Next, you have the post pre prom activities. You have makeup, hair, pictures, nails. This can call for up to 300$.

How are you going to get to prom? Or the after parties? Or dinner? There goes 400$ for a 10 hour limo service.

Once prom is all over, your after parties have come to an end, and you are ready to crash, it's most likely 3 AM and you're on South Beach in no mood to drive. This is where the hotel expense comes in. Now you drop another 200$.

If you don't account for any other expenses, this is what your total will come out to: 1,750$
Some of you may be freaking out at this point. We are all freaking out at this point. 
But don't forget there are short cuts. You can buy a dress from a friend, drive your self to prom, skip the hotel, or get a group of friends so you all chip in.

No matter how much money you spend at prom, make sure it's an enjoyable night. Because at the end, that's all that matters.


  1. This is a really good article about prom. I enjoy reading all the steps that it takes too get ready. Can't wait to read your blog after prom is finished!

  2. I love how you break everything down and show what some seniors consider to be the highlight of their year, is extremely detailed- not to mention expensive.