Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm Just Asking

When it comes to asking someone to be your date to prom, there are a lot of ways it can go. Some people say go big or go home, other people say to ask in a more private, intimate manner. However you may want to ask, figure it out and stick to it.

If you want to go BIG:

  • Make sure you have your plan early. You don't want anyone to steal your thunder; or your girl.
  • Get help. Ask his/her friends about your date-to-be's schedule and day that way you can coordinate accordingly.
  • Make it so that they can't say no. For most girls, whenever they are asked in front of a big crowd with obvious signs of lots of hard work, they will almost always say yes.
  • Have fun. It's okay if you get nervous, shaky, or red. It's normal. Just make sure you commit to the plan.

If you want to go Small:

  • Like stated above, make your plan early and ask for help from friends.
  • When you go private, you want to make it as cute as possible. Try to think of  a plan specific to that person.
  • Some people make posters that have sayings related to their date's sport and go to their practice, others go to their homes and bring balloons or flowers.
  • The key is to make it mushy gushy cute. When its an intimate promposal, you want to show the person that you know them and their interests.
Side-note: If you have been dating the person you want to prompose to, you can either go big or small. If you go big, they will be flattered that there is still spark in the relationship. If you go small, they will feel loved and cared for.

If you and your significant other don't feel you need to go the whole 9 yards to make a promposal, that is always fine as well. You have been dating so it is usually assumed that you two are going together.

Most importantly, when promposing to someone, have fun. Be goofy and crazy and don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You only get one chance.

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